Born into a Kurdish family from the north of Syria (Kobane), Miço Kendeş grew up on the stories his grandmother told him and the tales and sagas recounted during evenings in the family home. That provided him with the material to cultivate his passion – song.

He taught himself to play the bouzouki and tamboura, subsequently enriching his musical culture by learning to play the oud, studying maqams in Aleppo and western music in Neuchâtel. He has identified hundreds of traditional Kurdish songs and conserved the most authentic among them, bringing them back to life enhanced by the beauty of his voice and his command of the vocal techniques peculiar to his native region.

Created in 2001, his group of singers of epic song is made up of Kurdish musicians from Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. His new ensemble seeks to breathe new life into the texts of Arabian, Iranian and Kurdish Sufi poets through music and dance. In collaboration with Iranian singer Sara Hamidi, oud-player Pejman Tadayon, choregrapher Rana Gorgani and tombak-player Darius Soltani, Miço Kendeş presents a touching, original musical project marrying tradition and modernity.

Besides giving concerts, Miço Kendeş also gives private lessons and group courses in Switzerland for amateur and professional singers.